Season 2 is coming!

And we want to invest in your talent! Now that our first collection, featuring Jason Fong's designs, has finished production, we are welcoming admissions to be featured in our upcoming collection! Amateur artists and designers, share your illustrations with us on Instagram or website, and we will help you spread your work for more to see! If you are genuinely talented, your work will shine anywhere, and we want to help you jump start your ambition!


We will choose from all the beautiful designs and find the ones best fit our upcoming collection's theme. We will then devote our top resources to turn those illustrations into beautiful garments.  Of course, the designers will receive a portion of the profit from the garments made from their designs. It will be a great way to spread your work and show-off your talent as a fashion designer!



We want to see more beautiful fashion illustrations from everyone, so share with us on our site and Instagram @everyonefashionup. Turn your sketches into something much more meaningful!